About Us

Revos Media is a marketing agency that focuses our business in the outdoor industry. We take pride is supporting involvement in the outdoor, hunting and sport shooting activities. Modern sportsmen and women are constantly coming to the internet to find the exact product and information they need. Quality web design can make a website stand out, which is both difficult and important on the internet.

We use the latest Adobe software to design professional quality printed materials, we can produce material from brochures all the way too catalogues. A lot of website traffic can be generated from materials people hold in their hand. Our graphic designers can make your website look even more professional with the printed materials they can provide.

New businesses can have difficulty getting off the ground and we understand budgets have restraints. We offer individual design packages or complete packages. As an outdoor marketing agency we know what it takes to make your specific business niche work. We understand the consumer in this business and design with him or her in mind.

Here at Revos Media we build professional quality websites, and have designed and programmed quality websites for 13 years. Technology has advanced in leaps and bounds in the last 13 years. Gone are the days of slow internet connections and lax security for e-commerce solutions. No longer are updates a time consuming act of frustration.

Revos Media takes pride in the ability to remain current with ever changing technology and to adapt the way we design. These days at any moment people can be connected to the internet. Lap tops, tablets, and smart phones are common accessories, and with the advent of social media people are absorbing information in new and exciting ways. Often you are faced with only a small window to capture a consumer’s attention, and quality graphic design is the most efficient way to make that first impression.

When we build an internet presentation we build it on a content management system that allows our customers to update and change most of their site with ease. Adding videos and pictures is simple, and we feature a robust media archive. When we design a site for our customers we want to give them the ability to produce as much content as they need. Our customers have the ability to create nearly unlimited pages, product lists, media galleries, articles, news and social networking features and blogs.

We have a broad range of associates working for us in both creative backgrounds and business backgrounds, and they form a diverse team to accomplish your goals.

Our Mission

At Revos media we do not just work for you, but with you. We are a team of professionals who are more than familiar with the specifics of being hunters, and sport shooters. We learn your product, and your goals. We strive to take what’s in your mind and make it a reality. We will open new doors for you, show you opportunities you may not have known you had. We are able to consult in advertising and business strategy. We are committed to our customers and believe that respect is earned through our hard work.

Our strengths:

  • Strong base of knowledge in the outdoor business market. We pride ourselves as a dedicated outdoor marketing agency.
  • We just don’t work for you, we work with you to realize your vision. We build a lasting relationship with our customers.
  • We build interesting and intricate, yet professional media presentations
  • We stay up to date with the latest and greatest marketing and communication strategies. Our finger is truly on the pulse of the outdoor media world
  • We employ a diverse team, with men and women specializing in management, financial, and creative backgrounds
  • We work with the most up to date software out there. We consistently stay ahead of our competition.


E-Mail: sales@revosmedia.com

Phone: (816) 808-1274

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