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Often times companies get wrapped up in trying to advertise and inform as many people as possible about it’s good and services. Putting too much emphasis on the facts often takes attention away from your presentation. It is a known fact that a piece of graphic design is processed by the mind faster and more efficient than written word.

The presentation is what instills the first impression on a consumer. A professional appearance instills a sense of confidence in your costumers. Our design team has years of experience creating quality graphic design and instilling a sense of professionalism in their work.

We work with to perfectly capture the message you want to send, we take the time to learn your business and your product. We learn your customer base, and offer advice on what we have found to be appealing. Allow Revos Media to bring your vision to the real world.

Your success is a direct reflection of our work and therefore a reflection of our success.

Here is the list of Creative services that Revos Media offers:

  • Corporate Identity
  • Campaign planning
  • Collateral
  • Logotype and trademark development
  • Internet presentations
  • Design and production of printed materials
  • Advertisement design and production
  • Design of trade show presentations
  • Packaging designs and productions
  • Product photography
  • Multimedia


Our strengths:

  • Strong base of knowledge in the outdoor business market. We pride ourselves as a dedicated outdoor marketing agency.
  • We just don’t work for you, we work with you to realize your vision. We build a lasting relationship with our customers.
  • We build interesting and intricate, yet professional media presentations
  • We stay up to date with the latest and greatest marketing and communication strategies. Our finger is truly on the pulse of the outdoor media world
  • We employ a diverse team, with men and women specializing in management, financial, and creative backgrounds
  • We work with the most up to date software out there. We consistently stay ahead of our competition.



Phone: (816) 808-1274

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