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In America today over half the populations has access to the internet. Internet has expanded outside the home with popular businesses offering WIFI hotspots. With the advent of 3G and 4G high speed connections on smart phones people can be connected at any moment.

So at any moment a potential customer can be connected to your website. As an outdoor marketing agency we know the specifics of your business and what your potential customers need to see on your site.

Revos Media employs a team of professional and experienced graphic and web designers. Our strength is the fact we work with our clients to develop a product based on a collaborative effort.

At Revos Media we create websites using the content management system. This system gives our clients the ability to manage most parts of their web sites. Uploading pictures and videos is easy. The content is dynamically created, allowing for nearly unlimited pages, subpages, and product lists. We allow you to inform your customers of the latest happenings in the outdoor business with features like articles, news and media galleries. We offer the ability to stay connected to social media.

Interactive services that Revos Media offers:

  • World-class Internet presentations
  • Web hosting services with almost unlimited e-mail accounts
  • Content Management System based programming
  • PCI compliant E-commerce solutions
  • Flash
  • Online video applications
  • Online forms
  • Database design
  • Online banner ads
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media integration
  • Online Statistics evaluation
  • Rich Media campaigns


There are many choices for online store/e-commerce, from simple Yahoo or E-Bay stores to pre-programmed solutions ready for customization.

The most reliable and cost effective solution that Revos Media recommends is E-Commerce from Network Solutions. Network Solutions has excellend customer support and their e-commerce is fit to small to medium sized businesses. There is low to none maintenance and the solution is simple enough that customers without much or any experience with HTML can handle the administration.

The E-Commerce package is fully PCI compliant and they also offer credit card processing Merchant Account.

Highlights of the E-Commerce Solution:

  • User friendly maintenance and administration
  • Complete solution by one provider (hosting, software, security)
  • Integration with QuickBooks, UPS, UPS Online Tools, FedEx, USPS, Card processing gateways
  • Low initial cost, reasonable monthly fees
  • Excellent customer support
  • PCI compliant

Our strengths:

  • Strong base of knowledge in the outdoor business market. We pride ourselves as a dedicated outdoor marketing agency.
  • We just don’t work for you, we work with you to realize your vision. We build a lasting relationship with our customers.
  • We build interesting and intricate, yet professional media presentations
  • We stay up to date with the latest and greatest marketing and communication strategies. Our finger is truly on the pulse of the outdoor media world
  • We employ a diverse team, with men and women specializing in management, financial, and creative backgrounds
  • We work with the most up to date software out there. We consistently stay ahead of our competition.



Phone: (816) 808-1274

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