Non-Profit Organizations

Nonprofit organizations

Since we started our business thirteen years ago we have encountered some amazing non-profit organizations. These organizations had interesting and beneficial programs, but were failing to achieve wide spread success. For nonprofit organizations getting the message out there is as important as the nonprofits goal, since their funding comes from private donations.

Revos media take pride in assisting these organizations with free consulting for outdoor related non-profits groups, discounts on all services and free support.

  • free consulting for outdoor related non-profit organizations
  • great discounts on all services, free support


We can help to create the identity for the non-profit organizations and we can design the best presentation for the message and most effective ways of staying in touch with the members, supporters and sponsors, so everybody involved feels appreciated. We have worked with various Boards of Trustees and we understand how important it is to stay within the budget.

Revos Media is a proud supporter of any organization helping to protect outdoors, and raise new generation of sportsmen.

Great example is Colorado Youth Outdoors, a 501(c)3 organization based in Loveland, Co. With programs that introduce parents and their kids to traditional outdoor experiences and activities that can be shared for a lifetime, they are building healthy relationships within families and with our natural resources. Revos Media developed new website system helping connect CYO with their base and with potential members and benefactors.


Outdoor Nonprofit

Revos media can give your organization a unique identity. Our top tier graphic and web designers can help build the best website to represent your organization’s message. We will give you the best way to keep in touch with the people who make your organization run, members, supporters, and sponsors.  We have experience with many different groups and Boards of Trustees. We understand the importance of a budget and will strive to work within yours.

Revos Media stands behind any organization that protects the outdoors, and raises a new generation of shooters, hunters, and outdoorsmen.

We are proud to stand behind organizations such as Colorado Youth Outdoors, a nonprofit based in Loveland Colorado. Organizations like this have programs that bring families together, introducing them to outdoor activities and experiences. Children learn to respect and treasure the outdoors and the environment, while sharing quality time with their parents.


Our strengths:

  • Strong base of knowledge in the outdoor business market. We pride ourselves as a dedicated outdoor marketing agency.
  • We just don’t work for you, we work with you to realize your vision. We build a lasting relationship with our customers.
  • We build interesting and intricate, yet professional media presentations
  • We stay up to date with the latest and greatest marketing and communication strategies. Our finger is truly on the pulse of the outdoor media world
  • We employ a diverse team, with men and women specializing in management, financial, and creative backgrounds
  • We work with the most up to date software out there. We consistently stay ahead of our competition.



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